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Coyote’s Hosting Service

All of the benefits of CaseWORKS ownership, and none of the worries

In keeping with our mandate to meet all of the technology needs of our health and social service clients, Coyote Software offers a CaseWORKS Hosting Service that lets you enjoy all the benefits of our caseload management system, but without any of the worries and costs associated with installing, hosting, securing and maintaining it.

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When we first introduced CaseWORKS, it was available only as a stand-alone program that needed to be installed at your facility, on your own server.  Some agencies, however, told us that they don’t have adequate resources to acquire and maintain the hardware that’s required to run the system.  Others told us that they just don’t want all of the hassles associated with hosting a system like CaseWORKS themselves, which includes hardware purchases, regular software and hardware upgrades, data backups, security precautions and systems support.

With our CaseWORKS Hosting Service, your CaseWORKS licenses are installed on Coyote’s servers rather than at your own agency.  You still own and use CaseWORKS in exactly the same way as if it was installed on your own servers, but now, you leave all of the hardware expenses and maintenance responsibilities to us.

This CaseWORKS Hosting Service option follows the increasingly popular model of software delivery known as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) or “software on demand” or “cloud computing”.  It takes advantage of the ubiquity and easy access of the Internet to reduce local infrastructure costs by moving the installation and operation of your software from your local machines to “the cloud” – essentially, to off-site servers that you access through the Internet.

You can still install CaseWORKS locally if you’d prefer to.  But if you’re ready to let us take the hosting and maintenance aspects of CaseWORKS ownership off your plate, consider using our CaseWORKS Hosting Service instead.  With a simple and affordable annual hosting fee payment, you can keep all of your energies on managing your casework, and leave all of the behind-the-scenes IT worrying to us.


Top 10 reasons to use Coyote’s CaseWORKS Hosting Service:

1. You won’t have to buy additional servers.

We usually recommend 2 servers for CaseWORKS: an application server and a database server. If you use our Hosting Service, you eliminate the need for those up-front capital costs. Also, you won’t have to worry about upgrading your servers’ processors or RAM or storage space later on, when your agency grows or as technology evolves.

2. You won’t have to worry about configuring your servers to run our system.

If you buy your own servers, there’s still all of the all installation and configuration to worry about.  The servers have to be networked, and the operating system and the SQL database have to be installed.  Then, you have to install the licenses for both the servers and the client access licenses.  You also need HTTPS certificates for each client, for your SSL security.  With our Hosting Service, we look after all of that for you.

3. You won’t have to worry about optimizing your servers to run our system.

Since we’re a technology company, we’re always focused on technological advances, whether it’s about storage of data or speed of transmission. As new networking solutions come out and web technologies change, we stay at the forefront to make sure that the performance of our software stays speedy. When we’re the ones hosting that software, we can optimize its performance more effectively than you may be able to on your own servers.

4. You won’t have to do your own upgrades.

We manage all software upgrades for you, and schedule them at off-hour times when they’re not likely to be needed by your staff.  As a result, you’re assured of always being on the latest version of CaseWORKS, automatically.

5. You won’t have to do your own maintenance.

No need to hire your own on-site IT personnel just for CaseWORKS, because we’ll do the maintenance for you. That includes setting up the servers, keeping everything up and running, and resolving any operating system or SQL issues that come up. Even if you have an off-site IT person for your agency, he or she is more likely to be networking expert than a systems specialist. For a hosted web-based solution like CaseWORKS, you’re best off relying on our own in-house expertise.

6. You won’t have to do 24/7 monitoring.

Our CaseWORKS Hosting Service includes 24/7 monitoring of all hardware to make sure it’s operational, so even if a problem arises after hours or on the weekend, we’re still responsible for it. Our cloud server partners ensure that the hardware has a 99.99% uptime. On top of that, we also make sure the CaseWORKS web sites keep running 24 hours a day, except for scheduled down times for updates and maintenance. The result is that your system enjoys far more robust, around the clock support. Because we’re monitoring multiple systems, there’s an efficiency in having us monitor yours as well.

7. You won’t have to worry about backups.

Are your backups working? Can you rely on them? When were they last run? Are duplicates being stored in a secure location? When you choose our hosted solution, we take care of all of those concerns. We regularly back up all of your data locally, and then we back it up again off-site, as an added protection against any data catastrophes. And of course, all of our backups are completely secure.

8. You won’t have to worry about security issues.

We’re very cognisant of all the security, confidentiality and privacy issues that relate to your CaseWORKS data. Our hosted solution uses the same high level of online data encryption that banks and other institutions reply upon.

9. You won’t have to worry about privacy issues.

We also comply with all federal and provincial mandates for the protection of health data. Our hosting servers are based within Canada in order to prevent any cross-border privacy issues.

10. You will enjoy “just using” CaseWORKS.

At the end of this long list of things that you won’t be doing, here’s one more thing that you will be doing: when we host your CaseWORKS software for you, you will enjoy just using CaseWORKS.  Whenever you need it, you can just go ahead and access it, knowing that it’s always up to date, optimized, configured, backed up, secured, and monitored.  In other words, it’s just there for you, ready to help you manage your caseloads and deliver your services.  Which, after all, is why you bought CaseWORKS in the first place.