Data quality assurance and reporting

The service: This service focuses on the quality of the data that your case management system is collecting and reporting. It is accurate? Is all the information being entered correctly? Are your reports giving you the insights and support that you need to manage your operations in an informed manner? Are your database queries structured properly? Do they mine all of the information that your system is capable of revealing? Coyote’s review examines all issues related to your system’s data quality and reporting capabilities. We’ll review requirements definitions and documentation, audit your numbers and statistics, identify missed data mining opportunities, reveal any current practices that may be leading to data entry errors, and detail your report writing errors and best practices.

The result: This service will appeal to any agency that is unsure of the quality of its data, or looking for more and better reports to help them see the trends and patterns behind their daily operations. You will receive a complete analysis of your current data entry and reporting practices, as well as a list of recommendations for improving the overall quality of the information that you glean from your database queries.