Document management reviews

The service: Most human service agencies are struggling to cope with the mountains of paper documents that they generate daily and are required to keep in perpetuity. Our document management review is intended to assess the effectiveness of your existing document storage strategies, and to help you chart a course towards paperless record-keeping.

We begin by looking at all of your documentation – electronic, paper, microfiche, and other formats – that’s currently being stored, generated, and sent to your organization.  Then we help you build a roadmap to creating the electronic document environment that will replace your paper avalanche.  Phase 1 of that roadmap is the creation of an electronic document library; Phase 2 is to determine which documents can be consolidated, where duplications can be eliminated, and how best to convert your archives into digital format.

The result: Our document management review will give you a concrete plan for the conversion of all of your documents – both historical and current – from paper to electronic format. You’ll see how that plan can be achieved, and why it’s actually more secure, reliable and efficient than the ways that you’re currently dealing with paper. Imagine making all of those boxes and boxes of paper disappear without losing any of the information that they contain, and making all of that information available to every authorized member of your team via a shared and secure electronic portal.