Hardware and network assessment

The service: Few agencies operate their information system with the ideal hardware setup. More often than not, they rely upon a network that grew organically over time, with an assortment of hardware and software components that connect, with varying degrees of success, to a similarly strained server. Our hardware and network assessment service is intended to help you optimize your current setup, while strategically planning the upgrades most needed to keep your system running effectively. Included in this service’s scope are examinations of your disaster recovery plans, backups, off-site storage, RAID systems, redundancy configuration, and hardware compatibility issues.

The result: You’ll receive a thorough analysis of your existing hardware and network setup that includes an identification of all problems and risks, and a comprehensive list of upgrade and/or reconfiguration recommendations. Our report provides you with both the steps that you can take immediately and the recommendations that you need to be able to budget properly for future hardware and network improvements.