Information management (IM) planning

The service: Agencies without a strategic IM plan are unlikely to be getting the full benefit from either their existing or their future investments in technology. To help you identify what’s missing and what’s not being used to best practices, we assess your current system’s functioning in all key areas – client and case management, financial management, HR, legal records, document management, and scheduling – and help you formulate realistic, within-budget goals for automating each of those areas more effectively. We analyze the gaps in your current system, assess your risks, list problems and solutions, identify the most enabling technologies on the market, advise on best value purchases, and recommend best practices.

The result: You’ll receive a detailed report that outlines a multi-year plan for the improved use of technology and business solutions in your organization. It’s a plan tailored specifically for your agency, starting from your current IM status and aligning each recommendation with your organizational goals. An IM plan gives you a realistic roadmap for the effective use of technology to support your services and manage your agency in the coming years. You’ll know what to use, how best to use it, and how it will benefit your team and your clients.