Technology Consulting Services for Human Service Agencies

Are you using the best technologies to help you manage workflows, tame paper, protect privacy and improve services? And are you using the technologies that you already have to full advantage?

As a health & social service agency, you focus on providing programs and services that meet the needs of your target population. You would certainly benefit from a well-designed and well-implemented information technology strategy, but you may have neither the time nor the resources to determine exactly what that would look like.

We can help

At Coyote, we know the human services sector, and we know information technology. We’ve built our 19-year reputation on combining those two areas of expertise to provide organizations just like yours with tailored technological solutions and advice. Our strength is in harnessing today’s technology specifically for human service organizations, in order to make their management of cases, records and programs much more effective, efficient and secure. Of course, we put our expertise into the software that we design. But we also make it available through the consulting services that we offer.

We start from wherever you are right now

Because every organization places a different priority on technology, our services are tailored to your needs and designed to assess your current situation. We’ll start from wherever your agency is at the moment, and we’ll grow with your organization as your use of technology becomes more sophisticated. So even if you’re just starting to look at technology for your organization, our information technology consulting services can begin at the simplest and most basic levels, to help you build a comprehensive technology strategy and execute it confidently.

Our services

Coyote’s Information Technology Consulting Services are designed to help you formulate and implement the IM (information management) strategy that you need to meet your organizational goals, whether you’re using Coyote software or not. We offer assistance in nine key areas that are of special interest to human service agencies. Follow the following links to find out more about:

  • Information management planning
  • Document management reviews
  • Records management and privacy assessment
  • Data quality assurance and reporting
  • Hardware and network assessment
  • Workflow analysis and redesign
  • Accreditation preparation
  • Program evaluation and planning
  • Agency intranet and portal development

Contact us

Managing your information technology can be overwhelming, and beyond the reach, time or capabilities of your regular staff. Coyote Software has a long history of helping agencies like yours to gain the most from technology, all within budget and all in support of the services that you offer. We understand that that’s the whole point – not just technology for technology’s sake, but technology as a support system and an enabler, to allow you to do better what you best.

Call us to discuss how we can help you to achieve your IM goals. We look forward to assisting you.