Why Choose Coyote

We customize our solutions to fit your specific needs

Every workplace is different. Each has its own unique products, services, history, business rules, and workflows. How could one generic software system fit every business? When you hire Coyote Software Corporation, you're not just choosing software. You're choosing a team that listens first, and then custom-tailors a system to best meet your needs.

Our goal is to transform the way that you do business

Good software supports your workflow; great software improves it. We understand that automation is not an end in itself. Our approach to automating your business is to recognize it for the opportunity that it really is: your chance to analyze your business rules, identify inefficiencies, and streamline the flow of information wherever possible. Rather than just systematizing all of your existing workflows and paper systems, our goal is to analyze and improve them, and in so doing, to transform your business in the process.

We're responsive

We may be the experts at IT system design, but we're not the experts of your workplace. You are. So a significant portion of our design methodology is to learn from you about how we can best apply our expertise to meet your IT needs. We encourage and rely upon both your initial input and your ongoing feedback to let us know how precisely our tailored solution is fitting your business.

We have the experience

Coyote has extensive experience designing custom software for specialized workplaces. Since 1992 we have automated and streamlined the operations of businesses in a variety of sectors, including retail, transportation, health, social service, and museums. Some examples of businesses that are currently operating on custom Coyote systems:

  • George Weston Limited
  • Bata Shoe Museum and Bata Unlimited
  • American Eagle
  • International Clothiers
  • Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Unilock
  • Budget Environmental Disposal
  • Child Welfare Information System (CWIS)
  • Client Service Management System (CSMS)
  • FastTrack Information System for the Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • Multi-Service System for the Ministry of Health and Developmental Services
  • Supervised Access Information Database (SAID) for the Ministry of the Attorney General and Ontario Supervised Access Centres
  • Web Forms Project for Grady Hospital

We design software that delivers best-in-class performance at affordable prices

Coyote Software systems are proof that it is possible to get a top quality system without having to pay top dollar for it. As a custom software "boutique" in the competitive IT marketplace, we are large enough to have all the expertise required to build top-notch systems, yet small enough to be able to keep those systems within the financial reach of all types of clients, from private businesses to publicly funded health and social service agencies.