Workflow analysis and redesign

The service: In any workplace, efficiency is all about workflow. If the flow of information and work processes is at all out of date, redundant or incomplete, it can affect the entire team and impede the optimal delivery of your services to your clients. Coyote specializes in designing software and strategies that help workers in service agencies to perform their daily tasks more easily, efficiently, and effectively.

In our workflow analysis service, we perform an intensive review of your key business processes, breaking each one down step-by-step to create detailed workflow diagrams that reveal the ways that things get done in every area of your organization.

The result: If you’ve never had the time to chart out the flow of work and information throughout your agency, you’ll be amazed at the insights that such an exercise provides, and the opportunities for improved efficiencies that it reveals. Our report and analysis will clarify your workflows and recommend changes to improve them. In the process, this service introduces the opportunity for you to redesign your whole approach to service delivery, to eliminate unnecessary procedures and streamline interactions for greater efficiency and effectiveness.